I graduated with a B.Sc.I.T. (Hons.) degree in 2003 and have since worked in different I.T. sectors. The diversity of projects I've worked on and different technologies I've used is one of my strongest assets.
At work, both employers and colleagues find I am a loyal and dedicated worker. I try my best to follow good coding principles and my work is usually seen as organized, neat and understandable.
Apart from programming, I am also good with clients and can handle projects from the business analysis stages to project deployment, liaising with the clients throughout the whole process to ensure the best results.


Technical Skills

  • Proficient, 15+ years' experience, in Microsoft Development Stack: .NET (Framework, Core, ASP.NET), SQL Server, Visual Studio
  • Proficient but less experienced with the Java stack: Java, Spring, Maven, Hibernate, Eclipse
  • Proficient in Databases (both RDMS and NoSql): SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB
  • Proficient in Serverless and Containerization: AWS, Azure, Docker
  • Advanced Knowledge in Web frameworks: Node.js, Vue.js
  • 10 years' experience in Invoicing and ARM. Built services and software for clients ranging from small business owners to banks.

Managerial Skills

  • Management: I treat the company as if my own, running it to the best of my abilities. I fill in the gaps in roles to make sure that everything is running smoothly, trying to plan ahead and foresee future problems and needs.
  • Operations: Always liked startups and was involved in setting up 2 companies. Dealt with incorporation, recruitment, hiring accountants/auditors, office setup, office management, HR, budgeting, etc
  • Leadership: Currently responsible for a team of 10 people. I prefer to guide and mentor, rather than telling explicitly what to do and what the best approach should be.
  • Team player: Easy-going, sincere and trusted by both colleagues and management. Helpful and patient.
  • Communication: Good communication skills gained through dealing directly with clients and relaying requirements to developers.


Milkbox Ltd

Head of IT

since 2019

Initially helped the Director and HR to setup the company in Malta and recruit the first employees. Proceeded with the re-write of a legacy system, plagued with downtime and other issues. We opted for a microservices and serverless approach and worked with different teams in different time-zones to fix these problems. I oversee the Billing, Tracking, Monitoring and Reporting of the product and help with Backend development. Attained the AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification.

AWS, Serverless, Microservices, Node JS, Web APIs, Head of IT

Faktum Software International

Director / Lead Software Engineer


Started as team lead on the company's flagship product - Faktum Invoicing. Now as director and product manager I still develop but I'm also responsible of liaising with partners to market and manage the product across 9 different languages.

C#, MVC, Azure, Multi-language, Product Manager, Team lead, Director


Software Engineer


An American based company dealing mainly in payment gateways for adult entertainment websites but also a VMWare-partnered Cloud-computing provider. I was in the core team where we developed the service from the ground up for provisioning VMs to organizations and resellers. The whole project was released in about 6 months and partners like VMWare were impressed themselves at the speed and the quality of the product delivered. I've also worked on Chargeback Management systems, Affiliate marketing systems and a number of smaller legacy projects.

Cloud, Java, Spring, Hibernate, Perl, MySql, Team lead

Linx Media

Web Developer


An iGaming company with different sites for Sports Betting, Poker and Casino games. I was primarily involved in maintaining the sites and integrating third party components and web services into the company's websites; as well as creating new content and modules.


CAP Gemini, HMRC | Telford, U.K.

Software Engineer


While at 2i Ltd, I have also been outsourced as a consultant to CAP Gemini. The company has offices all throughout England and employs over 100,000 people.

ASP.NET, Sharepoint, SQL Server, Contractor

2i Ltd.

Lead Software Engineer


Managed to progress from Software Developer to Lead Software Engineer and be awarded the Employee of the Year by the end of 2007. My main tasks were team leading and web development for Government e-services, as well as development for an American client involved in Veterinary Research.

ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, Team Lead, Web Accessibility

Innomatik Development Malta

Lead Software Engineer


Company Secretary and Project Leader of this German-based (speedikonFM) company. The projects developed include, development for PDA and Barcode readers, Report Generation and several other tasks for enhancing the company's main Facility Management product.

C#, VC++, Oracle, SQL Server, PDA, Barcode, Company Secretary

Websphere Ltd. Malta

Web Developer


Specialised in merchant websites for clients that sell products online. Developed also a multi-site CMS; an internal system for speeding up development...quite an impressive system back then that brought together all the experience accumulated by the company over the years in web development.

ASP, VB6, SQL Server

Tabone Computer Centre

Software Developer

Summer 2003

Built 2 games (Bingo and Slot Machine) to be played at the company's Internet Cafés.


Medical Proficiency Services

Systems Engineer

since 2004 (part-time work)

I maintain the theSynapse website and several affiliated websites. It is a Medical Web-Portal which also offers several services for registered members, professionals and students like SMS reminders, digital Lab test results, a CMS, quizzes, polls, e-newsletters, special offers.

C#, ASP, MySql, SMS Gateways, Linux, Windows Server, Distributed

San Benedittu College

Software Developer

since 2007 (contract work)

Started as a simple application to allow teachers to enter grades and assessments. Evolved into a more complex School Assessment and Administration program for managing students, teachers, timetables, replacements, grades, assessments and reports/letters.
The program eases the data input and handling of over a thousand students and teachers and over 3000 subjects sets. The application is distributed in that every teacher owns a laptop and can enter grades into the central database from their location in a secure manner.

C#, MySql, Distributed


Web Developer

since 2009 (freelance)

I maintain the various websites of the same parent company. All these sites needed consolidating and I was chosen to fix the several bugs, introduce payment gateways and make the sites more secure. I also help in doing usability tests and make sure the sites are Search Engine Optimised.


Soft Access International

Software Developer

2007 (contract work)

The team had been trying for months to finish a project but was long overdue. I was hired to help the team finish the task as soon as possible, something we eventually managed in about 3 weeks. The team lacked certain technical knowledge. I helped by re-designing the main parts of the system and structuring it in a proper way to speed up the development.

ASP.NET, VB.NET, Sql Server

Growth Enterprises

Software Developer

2005-2008 (freelance)

Developed a system, quite unique in the world, for booking holidays online. The system can create packages from different merchants worldwide to find the best prices for a whole package. It not only connects to various GDS but it also taps into charter flights and special contracts (and this is what makes it unique) to be sure to find the best deals.

ASP.NET, VB.NET, Web Services, SQL Server, GDS

Bank of Valletta

Software Engineer

Summer 2001 (contract work)

Worked on the digitisation of the Collateral Processing and Sanctioning system. The system was the first of its kind to be introduced in Malta.

VB6, ASP, Oracle Warehouse


University of Malta

B.Sc.I.T. (Hons.)


For my Thesis I developed a game of Stratego (similar yet more complex than Chess) with an A.I. to play against human players or other computer players. The results were more than satisfactory with the game's A.I. defeating a beginner human player.



I've studied and am interested in several languages but I'm proficient in: